Ocean Container Types

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End loading, Fully Enclosed
The basic intermodal container with end doors, suitable for general cargo not requiring environmental control while enroute.

Side Loading, Fully Enclosed
Equipped with side doors for use in stowing and discharge of cargo where it is not practical to use end doors, as when the container must remain on a rail car while cargo is placed in or removed from the container.

Open Top
Used for carriage of heavy, bulky or awkward items where loading or discharge of the cargo through end or side doors is not practical. Most open top containers are equipped with fabric covers and are often termed "soft" or "rag" top containers. Some open top versions are fitted with removable hatch type panel covers or detachable full metal roof.

Equipped with ventilating ports on ends or sides, and used for heat generating cargo or cargo requiring protection from condensation (sweat) damage.  Versions with powered air-circulating fans are available. Vents are normally fitted with baffles to prevent entry of sea or rain water.

For cargo that should not be exposed to rapid or sudden temperature changes. Available in ventilated or non-ventilated versions. Some carriers provide container with heating systems for special applications.

Insulated and equipped with a built-in refrigeration system, powered by direct electrical connection or by diesel or gasoline generator. It is used primarily for foods or other commodities requiring a temperature controlled environment.

Liquid Bulk
Tank-type containers for carriage of liquids. Some have been designed to high level specifications for carriage of certain hazardous materials.

Dry Bulk
Designed for carriage of bulk cargo such as dry chemicals and grains.

Flat Rack
Available in a variety of sizes and models, the flat racks are used for lumber, mill products, large, heavy bulky items, machinery and vehicles. Some are  equipped with removable sides.

Used for carriage of vehicles and available in enclosed or open versions.

Configured for the nature of livestock carrier; containers are available for transporting poultry, cattle and other livestock.

High - Cube
These containers are used for high volume/low weight cargo and can greatly increase the cubic area available for cargo stowage. High cube containers are in heights to 9.5 feet and to lengths of a maximum of 48 feet.

With special tie downs and internal ceiling fittings, this container can handle hanging garments.

* Note : Specifications given are for reference purposes only. Airline Cargo Services  will not take any responsibility for its accuracy due to weight / specifications varies with different carriers. Also, clients should note that road transportation have weight limitations as well which may be lower than actual permitted.

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